The United Religious, Military and Masonic Orders of the Temple and of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta of England and Wales and Provinces Overseas

Hugh de Payens Preceptory No 56

Stationed at Darwen, Lancashire

Provincial Priory of The County Palatine of Lancaster



Welcome to the web pages of The Preceptory of Hugh de Payens, Lancashire.

This Order is steeped in history; much can be appreciated from many sources which record its evolution, providing the fundamental basis of our ritual and Masonic activities.

According to legend, the Knights Templar was founded in 1118 to protect pilgrims heading for Jerusalem
and the Christian Holy places, where the small band of warrior monks established a headquarters.
In the year 1118 AD King Baldwin II granted the Templars quarters on the Temple Mount and this forms
the link to the Royal Arch.
Many men, of noble birth, joined the ranks of the Templar Order. Those who were unable to join often
gifted the Templars with land and other valuables.
Modern Masonic association with these medieval defenders of the Christian Holy Places is linked by
the ceremony of Installation in which the Candidate takes the part of a Pilgrim who, by symbolically embarking on a Crusade, is elevated to Knighthood.

The ceremony is very realistic and the regalia spectacular, based upon that worn by the Medieval Knights.

Precepts of The Order

  • Love, honour, and fear God, walk after his commandments.
  • Maintain and defend the Christian Faith and the honour, dignity and interests of our Order.
  • Be loyal to your Sovereign, dutiful to the Grand Master and obedient to those who rule over you.
  • Prefer honour to wealth.
  • Be just and true in word and deed.
  • Give no willing cause of offence to any; but, while opposing wrong and injustice, deport yourselves courteously and gently.
  • Assist the distressed, the widow and the fatherless.
  • Eschew all debasing employment, recreation and company; abhor pride and selfishness and so raise the standard of chivalrous honour, striving for the welfare of your Brethren.

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